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The rise in subscriptions to paid TV as IPTV is becoming less popular

Many people have stated that they stream television using an online subscription service, since IPTV services have experienced an increase in their popularity in a study conducted by the Broadcasting Authority.

The survey of the audience for this year discovered that 92.5 percent of TV viewers subscribed to a paid subscription service, an increase from 86.1 percent in 2021 those who reported they utilized IPTV decreased from 12.5 percent in the previous year to 9 percent in 2022. Utilization of Android Box remained at a similar rate of 7.7%, a decrease from 8 percent in 2021.

IPTV has faced legal challenges from the law enforcement agencies this year, after an order from a judge directed internet providers to restrict the access of many IP addresses in Malta which were discovered to be broadcasting illegally.

A judge also prevented stream of Seria A and La Liga football games from streaming on IPTV during June.

Similar to last year, the largest proportion of people surveyed said that they didn’t have a preferred local television show, but the proportion dropped from 23.4 percent in 2021 to 13.9 percent in 2022.

Source: Broadcasting Authority

The news bulletin at 8 o’clock on TVM maintained its status as the most watched local TV show with 13.5 percent. It was being followed by the adventure reality series Liquorish (11 percent) that airs on ONE.

The news bulletin at 8 o’clock was generally watched by TVM’s main channel, but did not appear on the television news network TVMnews+. The show drew the highest amount of viewers on Sundays and Thursdays, during the times when the program was broadcast prior to EUFA Nations League football matches.

Maltese viewers’ top four most watched shows were the same in their ranking However, TVM gained just 4 percentage points and took 47.9 percent of the market share however, the percentage of viewers who claimed they most often watched foreign TV stations dropped from 43.6 percent to 34.4 percent in 2022.

ONE achieved a gain of 3.2 per cent, bringing it up to 25.6 percent, while NET stood at the same percentage at 12.4%.

A large majority of people (90 percent) said they watched TV with 54% reporting they watched local and foreign shows, and 26% of them watching only local TV shows. About two-thirds (61 percent) reported listening to radio, and 17% of respondents said they watched Maltese content on the internet, but the majority of them were within the 12-to-30-year-old group.


Television is still the main source of information

In terms of news, TV was the main source of information (44.5 percent) and was followed by the social networks, which grew the number of people who use it by six percentage points at 27.5 percent. Online news portals experienced a slight decline in popularity, dropping three percentage points, to make up 17.5 percent of the people’s preferred local news sources.

Of those who mentioned TV as their primary source for news 55% of respondents reported TVM as their most preferred local station to catch the news, an increase of 16.4 percentage points over the previous year. The second most popular station is Labour Party station ONE at 24.9 percent, and it has more than double the viewers as the principal news channel than it’s competition, Nationalist Party channel NET TV with a rating of 11.4 percent.

In the case of online news websites over half (51.8 percent) of the respondents stated they believed that Times of Malta was their top choice for local news. This was being followed by tvm.com.mt with 9.6 percent.

Source: Broadcasting Authority

Online viewership experiences a an increase of a small amount

Viewers who stream Maltese online content experienced an increase by 2 percentage points to 17% over the previous year. However the vast majority (83 percent) do not stream any Maltese programs made on behalf of online portals.

The majority of people who consume Maltese online content cite popular social networks Facebook (87.6 percent) along with YouTube (33.5 percent) as the platforms where they consume their content. then Lovin Malta with 19.9 percent..

Although 39.8 percent of those polled reported that they didn’t have a preferred show on the internet in Maltese and around 18.7 percent of respondents said that Jon Mallia’s show was their preferred source of information, then the content produced by Lovin Malta with 18.6 percent..

For radio listeners, Bay remains the top choice of listeners’ station, with 20.5 percent, being followed by Calypso Radio at 13.1% and Vibe FM and ONE Radio being ranked the third and fourth spots with 12.6 percent and 12.4 percent respectively.

Calypso outperformed ONE Radio in second place after an improvement in the listeners who prefer it. ONE Radio went down 3.2 percentage points over the course of a year, and was falling behind Vibe FM, which grew in popularity among the listeners 3.4 percent.

The top radio shows for listeners did not change, as respondents also rated Bay Breakfast with Daniel & the Ylenia (17.1 percent), The Morning Vibe featuring Abel, JD & Martina (8 percent) as well as Bongu Calypso ma’ Twanny Scerri (7.7 percent) in their Top 3 shows.

The majority of radio listeners (91.7 percent) utilize a standard radio set for listening to the radio. 5% reported they use DAB+.

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