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On CodexIPTV you can sign-up for a free 24 hour trial. We provide a 24 hour no-cost trial so that as a user you have the opportunity to try our channels and make sure that we have the channels you require and are satisfied with our channels list Before you buy, avail of our one-day trial for free. If you are having any issues or questions regarding technical aspects while setting the IPTV you can get in touch with our live support team via chatbox at CodexIPTV Our team will help get it working.

We sell digitally downloadable services each of which comes with a free demo. You should test the demo version of the product to fully understand its capabilities prior to buying. Due to the nature of digitally downloaded items, refunds aren’t possible once the downloaded files were handed over to you right after your purchase, with the exception of exceptional circumstances. If our server is down and we’re unable to return it within seven days, we’ll refund. In this case we will process the refund as quickly as is possible. However, depending on our payments system and the payment method you used to pay for it, it may require up to 14 business days to show in your account/credit card.
If you request a refund, you cannot resubscribe with us at any point in the future.

Contact us for more details:

Email: codexiptv@gmail.com

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